February 5, 2023

Corona Protocol RT PCR Test Corona Protocol Dilemmas

The infection rate of corona virus in India is very low. According to the latest figures, 227 new cases have come in 24 hours. Before the corona outbreak, 100-125 new cases were coming. The slight increase that has occurred is because people have started testing. So there is no alarming situation in India for now. That is why the central government has sent guidelines to the states four times but has not issued any protocol. Only wearing masks has been advised and RT-PCR has been made mandatory for passengers from five-six countries arriving on international flights. The government is monitoring the situation but strict protocols are unlikely to be implemented in the country.

This is because most of the population in India is vaccinated and now people have started taking precautionary doses. In addition, most people have developed natural immunity. A big reason is that the government is going to host large-scale G-20 events next year. About two hundred meetings related to G-20 are going to be held in different states of India, for which preparations are going on. This is a great diplomatic opportunity as well as a great political opportunity for the Government of India. If the strict protocol of Corona is implemented, these programs will also be disrupted, which the government does not want.

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