March 27, 2023

Congress Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha membership will not end Rahul’s membership!

Rahul Gandhi’s membership may end in the second phase of the Parliament’s budget session. BJP MP Nishikant Dubey said Rahul Gandhi insulted the country by going abroad in the same way as the special committee was set up to probe the questioning of money and the membership of 11 MPs was revoked. should be the case. Investigation by a special committee. But the government knows that Rahul Gandhi did not say anything while traveling abroad, which is derogatory to the country and there is no basis to take action against it.

Therefore, no matter what position they are appointed to, their membership will not be revoked. By now, a criminal case would have been filed against him if he had said such a thing. Remember Rahul Gandhi was MP in London too, but no special privileges there. He could be prosecuted criminally for anything not said outside Parliament.

Another reason for not taking away their membership is political. Earlier, there were two incidents when by-elections were held before general elections to the Lok Sabha and this created an air of anti-incumbency. Sharad Yadav won the Jabalpur constituency in Madhya Pradesh in 1974 and soon after that the countdown to the power of the then most powerful leader Indira Gandhi began.

Similarly, in 1987 Allahabad by-elections were held in Uttar Pradesh, where VP Singh won, and thereafter the counting of the largest majority government in the history of India began. BJP leaders know this history. So by canceling Rahul’s membership, he will not give him a chance to contest the by-elections from anywhere. His membership may end only when he is barred from contesting elections.

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