September 25, 2022

Congress management has failed in Goa

Congress party managed to save MLAs from BJP in Goa. In July, when news of the MLA breakup first emerged, Congress president Sonia Gandhi rushed party general secretary Mukul Wasnik to Goa. He met all the MLAs and when he learned that some MLAs from the party had made up their minds to join the BJP, he sent five MLAs to Chennai. Digambar Kamat and Michael Lobo, who were then trying to break the party, had a total of five MLAs, while eight MLAs were needed to avoid the anti-defection law. Then the attempt failed.

After this, the Congress removed Michael Lobo as the leader of the legislative party. Now the big question is, why was Lobo made the leader after the election? Lobo was earlier in the Congress but switched to the BJP and was a minister in the BJP government before the elections. Before the elections, he left the BJP and returned to the Congress, and the party gave tickets to both him and his wife. He won both and made him the leader of the legislative party after Congress won. This is a big mistake of Congress. This angered the old and loyal leaders of the party including Digambar Kamat.

Kamat needs an excuse to get angry. They were looking for an opportunity to leave the party. Congress does not know how it was not implemented. He was tired of being constantly in opposition. He wanted power. Last time he was hopeful that Congress might win next time. But he decided to leave the party when the Congress’s seats decreased further. But no one had any idea about the Congress state president or in-charge. Congress is giving undue importance to Kamat’s anger over Lobo. Then why did he join the BJP with Lobo? For the first time both he and Lobo are trying to crash the party together.

The Congress also erred when it removed Lobo from the post of legislative party leader in July, without making anyone its leader. Then state president Girish Chodankar resigned and in-charge Dinesh Gundurao’s resignation was not accepted. Congress should have put in new charge at the same time. Mukul Wasnik should have been given the responsibility. However, many leaders are expressing doubts about Wasnik’s role. Such discussions have started since he was removed from the charge post of Madhya Pradesh. Remember, the party recently sent him to the Rajya Sabha but removed him from the post of in-charge of Madhya Pradesh.

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