October 4, 2022

Congress is worried about Sonia Gandhi’s election as Congress president

Congress high command worried about presidential election. There is something to worry about. The state committees were then asked to empower Congress President Sonia Gandhi to nominate the president. Does Sonia Gandhi think that the presidential election could lead to a split in the Congress? Many leaders believe so. They feel that the leaders are now leaving the Congress party but it is also possible that the party may break up. This seems more likely to happen in the case of elections. An informed Congress leader said the Sitaram Kesari election was a different matter. No one saw Sonia Gandhi’s leadership at that time and party leaders believed in the charisma of the Nehru-Gandhi family. At that time, Keshri, supported by Sonia, defeated Sharad Pawar and Rajesh Pilot by a huge margin. But if such an election is held now, it may be difficult.

If Rahul Gandhi does not contest the election and someone else is nominated in his place, who can challenge him? And how serious will their challenges be? The reason for this concern is that the G-23, a group of angry congressional leaders, may not be very powerful, but their collective power is enormous. It is also true that there is no end to the discontent of the leaders of that group. When Ghulam Nabi Azad left the party, Kapil Sibal moved away from the Congress to the Rajya Sabha with the help of SP. Anand Sharma has also stayed away from the party and leaders like Manish Tewari, Shashi Tharoor, Bhupinder Singh Hooda have expressed their displeasure in one way or another.

A leader of this group, Mukul Wasnik, has just been sent to the Rajya Sabha by the party but all is not well with the party. He was then removed from the post of in-charge of Madhya Pradesh. That is why the Congress high command is worried that if there is a general candidate from G-23, it will be leaders like Tiwari in Punjab, Azad in Kashmir, Hooda in Haryana, Tharoor in Kerala, Anand Sharma in Himachal, Mukul Wasnik in Maharashtra. Be present for it. can collect votes. In many states party leaders, MLAs etc. are in touch with BJP. They can all support other candidates. God forbid not losing an approved candidate will result in the party losing out and even if not losing the chances of a split will increase.

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