November 30, 2022

BJP’s strategy to spread rumors!

There was a time when the country’s Left, liberal intellectuals complained that the RSS and the BJP were rumor mills. On the other hand, the Sangh and the BJP allege that the Left, liberal intellectuals create narratives according to their ideologies and promote and establish them. Thus both of them used to accuse each other of spreading rumours. But now Aam Aadmi Party has left everyone behind in this work. Like those who do yellow journalism, your leaders say something about any party or leader. Make big claims by holding press conferences and promoting them on social media, only to be proven completely wrong later.

The latest issue is the resignation of all District Presidents of Delhi Pradesh BJP. Aam Aadmi Party chief and national spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj told a press conference that because of AAP, there is such panic in the BJP that all its district presidents have resigned. The BJP was shocked after this statement, as no district president’s resignation reached the party president. The reality is that no district president of BJP has resigned. Similarly, recently, AAP MLA Durgesh Pathak claimed that the BJP is denying tickets to all its former councillors. The fact is that the party fielded nine former mayors and 52 former councillors.

Earlier, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal himself spread what kind of talk about Gujarat! He started saying from June-July that fearing AAP, BJP was going to hold elections early. But the reality is that the election is on time. Kejriwal and his party leaders have repeatedly said that fearing AAP, the BJP is going to replace Gujarat state president CR Patil. The reality is that BJP is now contesting elections under the leadership of CR Patil. The list of such things can be very long.

Interestingly, Aam Aadmi Party leaders sometimes disguise themselves as journalists and tell journalists that they have received such and such news only by quoting sources. Sometimes they pretend to be saphologists and say that their survey shows that such and such is happening. Sometimes they become astrologers and claim that a certain deed is going to happen. The reality is that 90% of the news cited from sources, survey results and astrological calculations is wrong. It is mere rumour, propagated for political gain. It is surprising that you have made falsehood the most used tactical weapon.

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