November 30, 2022

Bihar politics Chirag Paswan questions Chirag more than Pashupati Pars

The political equation may change in Bihar. Chirag Paswan may return to the BJP-led NDA. Chirag Paswan is officially not part of any coalition yet. In the last Assembly elections, he broke away from the NDA and contested around 120 seats. However, it is said that at the instigation of the BJP, he contested against the candidates of ally Janata Dal U and campaigned against Nitish and the JDU. Before the elections, it seemed that Cherag would get a big reward from the BJP. But the results of the elections came out in such a way that BJP needed Nitish and not Chirag and because of this BJP abandoned Chirag. Later, when the Lok Janashakthi Party broke up at the instigation of Nitish Kumar, Pashupati Paras, the leader of the party of five MPs who broke away from Chirag, was made a minister at the Centre.

During this period Chirag became close to RJD leader Tejashwi. But the situation changed after Nitish Kumar split from RJD. Now Chirag’s interest in the NDA has started to increase and the interest of Central government minister Pashupati Parse’s group has decreased. This is because BJP has realized that Rambilas Paswan’s legacy rests with Chirag Paswan and Paswan voters will support him. Union Minister Pashupati Paras did not campaign in the by-elections for two constituencies recently. BJP candidates demanded to send Cherag Paswan and Cherag campaigned for them. According to informed sources, Chirag will join the NDA soon. Earlier BJP offered to merge his party but he is not ready for it. He will be an ally of the NDA and become a minister in the central government. After that, Pars will say goodbye to the government. It is possible that some MPs from his party may return with Chirag and Paras himself may eventually find his abode with Nitish Kumar.

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