November 30, 2022

Bharat Jod Yatra Rahul Gandhi Yatra is not creating unity

Congress’s Bharat Jodh Yatra may not provide immediate electoral benefits. Congress leaders are also accepting it. But he says it is uniting the party and the party’s dormant cadres are waking up and becoming active in the states. Party organization is being re-established in the states. The organization is working on the pretext of preparing for the journey. But the reality is different. The reality is that this journey under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi is not uniting the Congress party. While there is solidarity in front of Rahul, as the journey progresses, there is an uproar among the party leaders.

Out of the five states that Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Joh Yatra passes through in South India, two states – Kerala and Karnataka – have seen uproar within the party. Now leaving Madhya Pradesh, his journey to Rajasthan and before that, the party camp in Rajasthan is bustling. Although former state president Sachin Pilot is busy preparing for the yatra and has attended meetings for it, Gujjar leaders from his influential constituency are calling for a boycott of the yatra and not allowing Rahul Gandhi to enter Rajasthan. MLAs and ministers in favor of the pilot have called for a quick decision on Rajasthan, so it has long been debated whether the Rajasthan journey would pass through the areas affected by the pilot.

During his visit, Rahul tried hard to bring unity to Karnataka by ending the years-long feud between state president DK Sivakumar and former chief minister Siddaramaiah. But Rahul’s journey went ahead and the agitation started in Karnataka. With Rahul’s support and encouraged by Mallikarjun Kharg as president, Siddaramaiah began announcing candidates. He announced the names of six candidates for next year’s assembly elections and appealed to the people to vote for them. State President Sivakumar was so incensed by this that he publicly said that Siddaramaiah would be announced as the candidate.

A similar controversy has arisen in Kerala. State president Sudhakaran’s statement about the RSS and Nehru was controversial saying that Shashi Tharoor’s activism had put the party in new trouble. Although Tharoor says he has nothing to fear and is not taking sides, his meeting with leaders of the Congress ally Indian Union Muslim League has accelerated political developments. There are already many leadership groups in the state and now a new group is being formed. Leaders who supported and voted for Tharoor in the national presidential election are contacting him.

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