October 6, 2022

BCCI cricket reform all the reforms in vain!

Several decisions were taken at the initiative of the Supreme Court to reform the management of Indian cricket. The election of the cricket board chairman was stalled for a long time and former IAS officer Vinod Rai continued to play the role of administrator. At that time the former Chief Justice RM Lodha Committee prepared the roadmap for reforms. The Lodha Committee made a detailed recommendation considering all aspects, which was implemented. After that, Sourav Ganguly, the country’s great cricketer and India’s best captain, was elected as the chairman of the board. It was thought that it would be better if the administration was in the hands of the cricketers. At the same time, it has been decided that no one will hold any position for more than two consecutive terms.

In this sense, Sourav Ganguly’s tenure was coming to an early end as he was earlier the president of the Cricket Association of Bengal and from there directly became the president of the BCCI. Both have completed six years together. BCCI then appealed to the Supreme Court seeking exemption from this Act. The Supreme Court approved it. So, it is now the rule that after two terms in the state, one can stay in the BCCI for two terms. That is, a person can hold office for 12 consecutive years. In the case of Jai Shah, such concession has also been given, only then it is said that he can become the next president of BCCI. This concession put an end to all the reforms initiated with the recommendations of the Lodha Committee. Justice Lodha also expressed his disappointment saying that the BCCI is waiting for the weather to change.

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