March 27, 2023

Waterlogging, accidents… the condition of the expressway worth 8.5 billion taka, the Prime Minister inaugurated 6 days ago. Karnataka News in Hindi: Bengaluru Mysore Highway sees flooding as Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates on March 12

Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway: A waterlogged situation has developed on the expressway at Ramanagara near Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. Due to this, there have been clashes between vehicles, and people are demanding compensation from the Chief Minister.

Waterlogging, accidents… this is the state of the 850 crore rupees expressway

Image credit source: Twitter

Bangalore-Mysore Expressway: A waterlogged situation has developed on the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated this expressway 6 days ago. There was water on the expressway in the Ramanagar area near Bengaluru due to heavy rains on Friday night. In a video on social media, the bike rider is seen walking on the expressway. Buses and trucks are also in trouble due to the water being washed away.

On March 12, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the 118 km long Bangalore-Mysore Expressway. The construction of this expressway has cost 8,480 thousand crores. Due to heavy rains, water has accumulated in the underbridge of the expressway in Ramnagar. According to media reports, due to waterlogging, there were bumper-to-bumper collisions and the expressway was jammed for hours. This is the same underbridge where water accumulated last year as well.

Expressway condition bad for 6 days

Just 6 days after the inauguration, people frustrated by waterlogging and jams on expressways are bombarding Twitter with questions tagging state Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People are questioning whether the expressway was ready for inauguration or was inaugurated ahead of elections?

The Chief Minister should compensate the loss

According to NDTV report, a man said that he was going from the underbridge in his Swift car, when his car came to rest half submerged in water. He said that a lorry coming from behind hit his car. He asked who is responsible for this? He demanded compensation from Chief Minister Bommai for his losses. He questioned why PM Modi inaugurated this expressway.

Prime Minister did not cross check before the inauguration?

The people who are in trouble here ask whether the expressway is ready for opening or not the Prime Minister’s Ministry of Roads and Transport has not investigated? People facing problems in the expressway say that the expressway built at a cost of thousands of rupees collects huge tolls. After all where is it used? Another said, there was a bumper-bumper collision… who is responsible for this? If the Prime Minister had come, would the road be clear?

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