March 20, 2023

Uproar with the statement of retired judges! Sibal’s quips about Rijiju Some leaders are part of the ‘Pata na ki kehte hai gang’. Senior lawyer Kapil Sibal took a swipe at Kiren Rijiju for his tweets on statements about retired judges.

Kapil Sibal News: Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said that some retired judges have become part of the opposition party in India. Senior advocate Kapil Sibal has now reacted to Rijiju’s statement.

Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal (File)

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Kapil Sibal on Kiren Rijiju’s statement: Union Law Minister regarding retired judges Kiren Rijiju His statement sparked a furor as senior Supreme Court lawyer and Samajwadi Party Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal took to Twitter to lash out at Rijiju. Kapil Sibal said that Rijiju had said that some retired judges were part of ‘anti-India gangs’. My response to this is that some politicians in the government are part of the ‘Pata Nahi Kya Bale Hai Gang’.

At a private event, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said, “Some retired judges and activists, who have become part of the opposition to India, are trying to make the judiciary play the role of the opposition.” “We will not allow this ‘tukde-tukde gang’ to destroy our integrity and sovereignty,” he said.

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Action will be taken against such material – Rijiju

Rijiju said, “Some people go to court and say that the government needs to pull the reins and change the government policy. These people want the judiciary to play the role of the opposition, which is not possible.” He said, “How can these people openly say that the Indian judiciary must face the government. What kind of propaganda is this? Action will be taken against such persons. No one can escape.

Rijiju again criticized the collegium system of appointing judges, saying, “It was only because of the mistake of the Congress and later the Supreme Court started working this way. Then came the collegium system. “Until the new system comes into effect, we will follow the collegium system, but judges cannot be appointed on judicial orders,” he said.

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