March 20, 2023

Transgender sex workers can’t donate blood, Center told SC why this decision is correct. Guidelines prohibit transgender MSM and female sex workers from donating blood petition demand change center replies

Blood donation: Transgender, gay men and female sex workers are prohibited from donating blood. This was challenged through a petition, to which the central government responded.

Supreme Court

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New Delhi: the center Supreme Court Said it was necessary blood donation Those who draw and receive blood should have full confidence that whatever sample is taken is completely safe and medically correct. He also opposed that claim TransgenderMen who have sex with men (MSM) and female sex worker Changes should be made to guidelines that prevent people from donating blood.

It has been more than 2 years for this petition in the Supreme Court. In an affidavit filed in response, the Center said the exclusion of transgender persons, MSM and female sex workers as blood donors was based on scientific evidence. Evidence is globally recognized and accepted by experts in India.

The Center said the guidelines have been implemented based on the current realities regarding the Blood Transfusion System (BTS) in the country depending on blood donation and the standards of various health systems across the country. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said in the affidavit that it is important to make every effort to strengthen the authenticity of BTS. This will instill confidence in people who have no choice but to use BTS.

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It states that both blood donors and blood recipients should have full confidence that the blood available in the blood bank is not only safe but also medically effective. The affidavit was filed in February.

The PIL was filed by Thanjam Santa Singh, a member of the transgender community in Manipur, arguing that the Centre’s blood donor guidelines and the National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC) are unconstitutional as it discriminates against individuals on the basis of their gender identity. and sexual orientation.

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The court sought a reply from the Centre, National AIDS Control Organization and NBTC by March 2021. The plea is likely to come up for hearing later this month. The petition, filed through advocate Anindita Pujari, states that the ban on transgender persons, MSM and female sex workers is based on negative stereotypical beliefs that violate Article 14 (right to equality) and Article 15 (right against discrimination) of the Constitution. For discrimination under

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