March 27, 2023

Three railway officials made a record, collected so many crores from passengers traveling without tickets. The three ticket checkers collected fines of over 1 crore each from ticketless train passengers

Chennai Railway Division has appealed to passengers to travel with proper valid tickets to avoid any inconvenience. Any passenger caught without a ticket will be fined.

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Often you have seen in trains that passengers start their journey without tickets. It is especially seen that people who travel short distances do it more. Although many times people are not able to buy tickets despite being forced. But let us know that a state has set a record in the country. Here, three ticket checking officers have collected a fine of more than three crore rupees. For this, he has been awarded by the department.

Three ticket checking officers of the Chennai division have collected fines of over one crore against ticketless train passengers. These people were traveling by train without tickets. When the officials caught them, they started making various excuses, but no one listened to these three officials and all three collected a fine of over one crore. Railway Chennai Division Chief Ticket Inspector S. Nanda Kumar made the highest record of ₹1.55 crore by carrying 27,787 ticketless travelers and baggage without booking.

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Checking operations have been conducted in all trains

These three officers of Chennai division conducted investigation in many trains including mail, express, superfast. These three officers have made it to the one crore club in the current financial year 2022-23. Nandakumar was also felicitated by senior railway officials for his performance.

Avoid traveling without tickets – Railways

Similarly, Senior Ticket Inspector Sakthivel, who is also a basketball player, has collected a fine of ₹ 1.10 crore. After this, Inspector Roslin Arokia Mary collected a fine of ₹ 1.03 crore. The Chennai department has requested people to avoid ticketless travel. If caught again or any passenger caught without a ticket, disciplinary action will be taken against him.

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