March 20, 2023

These 22 African countries will conduct maneuvers with the Indian Army for 9 days, training on Indian-made weapons and drones. The AFINDEX exercise will be held with the Indian Army

During the exercise, the India-Africa Defense Chiefs Conclave will be held on March 28, which will also be attended by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

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Indian Army 21 to 22 March African countries A nine-day military exercise will begin. The field training exercise is the second edition of joint training conducted between India and Africa. The Multinational Africa India Field Training Exercise (AFINDEX) will begin on 21 March 2023 and end on 30 March 2023 in Pune. Armies of African countries will receive special training in weapons and drones made under the Make in India scheme. This training is divided into four phases.

The Indian Army’s Foreign Training Node (FTN) at Aundh Military Station in Pune will host a multinational military exercise involving the Indian Army and the armies of 22 African countries from March 21. The exercise will focus on humanitarian mine assistance and UN peacekeeping operations.

What is the purpose of this training?

India is one of the major troop contributors to UN peacekeeping missions around the world. The purpose of this specialized training is to enhance the skills of defense forces participating in the planning and conduct of humanitarian mine assistance and peacekeeping operations under Chapter VII of the Charter of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.

Mandatory functions of the United Nations include the establishment of new missions for UN peacekeeping, protection of civilians, permanent combat deployment, convoy protection, patrol aspects and aspects related to humanitarian mine assistance. A total of 22 countries in India and Africa will undergo similar training together.

March 28 Conclave

Meanwhile, the India-Africa Defense Chiefs Conclave will be held on March 28. This conclave will be held in two sessions. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will also participate in this conclave. On March 28, Army Chief General Manod Pandey himself will preside over the conference of army chiefs of 22 countries participating in the exercise.

Which countries will be involved?

The 22 countries participating in the training include Niger, Zimbabwe, Congo, Malawi, Uganda, Seychelles, Gambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho.

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