March 20, 2023

There will be trouble if Mahapanchayats are closed tomorrow, farmers’ ultimatum to Delhi Police. Farmers protest Delhi farmer leader announces protest part-2 soon ahead of 2024 Lok Sabha polls Focus on MSP

Farmers’ protest: A Mahapanchayat of farmers is going to be held at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan on Monday. At this time, a decision has to be made about the second round of movement. A large number of farmers are expected to reach the Mahapanchayat.

Farmers are preparing to go to Delhi again

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Farmers Protest Phase-2: Farmers’ fight for MSP is not over yet. Farmers are once again preparing to march towards Delhi. A large panchayat of farmers will be held at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan from 10 am on Monday, where decisions on the nationwide movement will be taken. The United Kisan Morcha announced this in a press conference today. Farmer leaders have warned that if the Delhi police stop or harass the farmers coming to the Mahapanchayat tomorrow, there could be big problems.

Farmer leader Darshanpal said that a memorandum has also been given to the President in this regard. He said that the government should remember the demands of the farmers. Farmer leader Hanan Molla said the government has broken its promise. The government has not fulfilled its promise even after announcing in writing to call off the movement. The farmers’ movement was called off 14 months ago after assurances from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister promised the farmers that all their demands would be met. Following his appeal, the farmers vacated the Delhi border.

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Mission MSP will now run

Farmer leaders were constantly appealing to the government to fulfill their written promises. Still, the farmers say that the government has not listened to them, and agitation is the only way out. Referring to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, farmer leader Darshanpal said that now Mission Karja Mukti and Mission MSP will continue and farmers’ demands will be the biggest challenge before all political parties. The United Kisan Morcha said 500 farmers are expected to reach the Delhi Mahapanchayat.

Withdrawal of Act, subject of MSP movement

In September 2020, farmers staged a year-long protest at the Delhi border against three agricultural laws passed by Parliament. Farmers termed all the three laws as anti-farmer. After that, in November 2021, the government was forced to withdraw the three laws. Apart from the withdrawal of the law, the second biggest demand of farmers was MSP, about which Prime Minister Modi assured farmers, but farmer leaders alleged that he did not fulfill his promises.

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