March 27, 2023

The path is different but the destination is the same, do not quarrel with each other; Mohan Bhagwat spoke at the launch of ‘Samved Urdu’. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said the path is different but the destination is the same

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat spoke about worship and hatred towards each other at the launch of a translation book of Samveda in Urdu in New Delhi. Sangh Pradhan said, everyone has the same destination.

Of course, the way to reach the goal may be different for people, but you have to move on from that path and reach your goal without fighting. India should send this message to the whole world is Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat August 15 in the park in front of the Red Fort. By Salim Durrani Urdu translation of Samveda He said this at the publication ceremony

Mohan Bhagwat said, no path is wrong. Will get here sooner or later. We know that today there is conflict all over the world and man himself has created this crisis. The path is different, the destination is the same. Don’t fight with each other to achieve the destination. Also, regarding the worship, he said, it is different for each person. Don’t fight with methods, is the message to India.

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Film director and writer Dr Iqbal Durrani, who has translated the Samveda into Urdu, says that the Samveda should be included in prayers in educational institutions. He said, it should be taught in madrasas too so that the children studying there decide what is wrong and what is right.

Music started with Samveda

Sangh Pradhan said Indian music started from Samveda, the verses of Samveda are written in such a way that you can sing in chorus, so it is believed that Drupada and all forms of music originated in Indian music. Singing is sensitive.

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Indian music is used in Samveda. He said Samveda is full of music. Bollywood stars including Sunil Shetty, Jaya Prada, Mukesh Khanna, Hansraj Hans, Gajendra Chauhan and Manoj Tiwari were also present at the event.

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