September 29, 2022

The Magic of Tihar: Secrets of the Dangerous Game of Beauty Inside the Seven Locks – Read the Inside Story

Tihar Jail, considered the most secure in Asia these days, is on the verge of breaking its spell because of the five heroines of the film Mumbai. Read the magic of Tihar in the story inside.

Jacqueline Fernandez

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Movie theaters across the country are thronged to watch Mumbai movie heroines whose films are released. These days, Tihar Jail, which is considered to be the most secure in Asia, is on the verge of collapse due to the five heroines of this Mumbai film. Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi are currently in the first position in this job. The age of Naz-o-Tantra in whose performance is crazy.

Today, both of them are walking around the walls of the court, the police station and the police station. A man accused of cheating Rs 200 crore Sukesh Chandrasekhar With a heart from him, in the process of collecting precious gifts from him. Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez could not have foreseen such misery and world-smile.

The police office has become a fish market

In this case, Dr. for about eight hours on Wednesday Jacqueline Fernandez And Pink Iranian They were interrogated face to face. This search Delhi Police This is done in the Anti-Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) office. At that time Jacqueline Fernandez and Pinky Irani had a fight. In the presence of the police, both of them went down in language trying to humiliate each other. So much so that the police had to intervene and calm down. Pointing out that the EOW’s office is a police office, not a fish market.

Nora Fatehi’s silence

Now there is an economic crime branch Nora Fatehi He has been summoned so that he too can be questioned. It is expected that Nora Fatehi and Pinky Irani will face each other now. Nora Fatehi was called to the EOW’s present headquarters at Mandir Marg police station premises in New Delhi district on Thursday. It is important to mention here that Nora Fatehi has been interrogated four times so far.

Nora Fatehi was interrogated by Enforcement Directorate teams three times out of these four, while the Anti-Economic Offenses Wing of the Delhi Police interrogated her once. In these four interrogations, Nora Fatehi maintained her silence about whether she had a sweet-hearty relationship with Tihar jailed Mahathag Sukesh Chandrasekhar. Thinking that keeping her mouth shut would save her honor, while the agencies are adamant that Nora Fatehi herself admit that she was friends with Sukesh Chandrasekhar and gave him valuable gifts and cash.

Mahathag Sukesh Chandrasekhar Connection

If Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi herself accept this fact, then on further investigation or trial in court, Sukesh Chandrasekhar of the investigating agency may find the accused “guilty” of the Rs 200 crore fraud. There is no doubt about this. Investigating agencies have so far held that four-five Bollywood actresses including Nora Fatehi, Jacqueline Fernandez met and spoke to Sukesh Chandrasekhar in Tihar Jail. For what purpose did this actress come in contact with a goon like Sukesh Chandrasekhar?

Was it just big money and gifts taken from this great thug or was there any dubious motive behind it? It’s important for agencies to figure this out. According to Delhi Police and ED sources, if Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez agree to take gifts in the case, the same may also become witnesses in the court against Sukesh Chandrasekhar to save themselves from the legal clutches. Which can be the most lucrative deal for the investigative agency.

Investigational aspects of agencies

Among these, the investigating agencies are trying to find Bollywood heroines who should not have had anything to do with the criminal world. After all, how did he reach Sukesh Chandrasekhar, the mastermind behind the money laundering case? Even when Sukesh is imprisoned in the four walls of a safe prison like Tihar? As of yesterday, Sukesh Chandrasekhar distributed huge gifts to Jean Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez. In fact, Sukesh Chandrasekhar also associated his name with it.

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If Sukesh had not opened his mouth, the agencies would not have known so easily that Bollywood actresses are also close to this black businessman. It is to be noted that last year Sukesh and his actress wife Leena Maria Paul were arrested by the Delhi Police on charges of fraud of 200 crore rupees. After that, the scandal of this hideous game broke out. Later in this case many officers, employees of Tihar Jail were also arrested and admitted as “accused” inside Tihar, who were involved in this game. Delhi Police has arrested 19 people so far in this incident.

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