March 27, 2023

The drivers on strike, how will the wedding procession reach the bride’s door! Baratis measured the distance on foot. Video of groom’s family walking 28 km during Odisha drivers’ strike goes viral

The Odisha Drivers Federation has started an indefinite strike across the state from Wednesday demanding social welfare measures like insurance, pension, formation of welfare boards.

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A festive atmosphere is created when a wedding is held at home. Various preparations are going on with the wedding procession. At the same time preparations are made to welcome the procession from the girl’s side. But imagine what the moment would have been like if there was no vehicle for the procession. As the marriage is fixed long ago. Cards are dealt. The wedding hall is booked. Marriage also cannot be annulled. A similar incident happened in Odisha’s Raigarh district. Due to this, the entire procession had to walk all night to reach the bride’s door.

In fact, drivers were on strike in Odisha’s Raigarh district. No one was ready despite many efforts on the part of the groom. He had no choice but to walk. The marriage would not have happened if it had not arrived on time. That’s why he decided to walk. The procession reached Diblapadu village from Sankhandi panchayat in Kalyansinghpur block on Thursday night. His video is going viral on social media.

Women walk all night

In the viral video, a few women can be seen walking alongside the groom at night. A member of the groom’s family said that no vehicle was available due to the drivers’ strike. He said, then we decided to reach the girl’s door on foot. It was difficult, but what else do we do? The relative of the boy said, we walked all night.

The wedding procession stopped at the bride’s house

The wedding took place on Friday morning. But now the issue was how to take the daughter-in-law home after the farewell. Because there was a drivers’ strike. Then there is a discussion between the bride and groom. Then the groom and his family members stay at the bride’s house. They were waiting for the drivers’ strike to end before leaving here.

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