March 20, 2023

The chairman is not the ‘cheerleader’ of the ruling party, the Congress is furious over Rahul Gandhi’s criticism. Rajya Sabha Chairman Umpire and Referee Not Ruling Congress Cheerleader Jagdeep Dhankhar Rahul Gandhi

Criticizing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday said that speaking from foreign soil to shut down the mike in the Indian Parliament is false propaganda and an insult to the country.

The Congress on Thursday targeted vice-president Jagdeep Dhankhar for criticizing Rahul Gandhi, saying the Rajya Sabha chairman is the umpire and referee for all, but cannot be the ruling party’s cheerleader. Party general secretary Jairam Ramesh also said that Dhankhar’s comments were disappointing. He said that a person holding a constitutional position should be free from prejudice and bias towards any party.

Indirectly criticizing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Dhankhar on Thursday said that shutting down the mike in the Indian Parliament was false propaganda uttered from foreign soil and an insult to the country.

What is the whole thing?

The Vice President also said that while India has a proud moment of chairing the G20, tarnishing the image of Indian democracy and constitutional unity by a parliamentarian is unacceptable. Dhankhar said he cannot deviate from his constitutional duty in this matter.

Free from party organization

Vice President did not take Rahul Gandhi’s name. He was speaking at the launch of a book based on Mundaka Upanishad by veteran Congress leader and former Union Minister Karan Singh. Congress leader Ramesh said in a statement issued on Thursday night that there are positions where we have to be free from bias, party bias. It also includes the posts of Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman.

The Vice President’s speech is shocking

According to Ramesh, the Vice President’s statement about Rahul Gandhi is surprising and he has defended the government which is disappointing. Congress general secretary said that Rahul Gandhi has not said anything abroad which he has not said many times here. He is not like other people who change their position according to where they sit.

Rahul Gandhi’s statement is realistic

He asserted that Rahul Gandhi’s statement was real and reflected the ground reality. Ramesh said that in the last two weeks, 12 members of Parliament were served with breach of privilege notices as they protested against the silencing of their voices in Parliament.

Punishment of opponents

Ramesh claimed that those who expressed dissent were punished. Even if the state of emergency is not declared, the action of the government is not the same as the action of the government which respects the constitution. He said that the present statement and some past comments of the Vice President proved this point.

Rajya Sabha Chairman Umpire

Targeting Dhankhar, Ramesh said the Rajya Sabha chairman is the umpire, referee, friend and guide of all. He cannot be a cheerleader for any ruling party. History does not judge by which party they have protected, but by the dignity with which they have discharged their duties while serving the people.

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