March 20, 2023

The auto driver broke up with the bike taxi driver after slapping the mobile phone on the ground. Video of auto driver harassing bike taxi driver in Bengaluru goes viral

An auto driver in Bangalore also made a video of his work and endorsed it.

The auto driver crashed on the bike taxi driver

Image credit source: Twitter

social media But a video is going viral in which a autorickshaw driver A bike taxi driver is seen harassing him. video Bangalore It is said, where the auto driver is seen snatching the bike taxi driver’s phone and throwing it on the ground. The video is said to be near Indiranagar metro station.

After this, the auto driver supports his action and says, “Guys, see how Rapido is doing illegal business. This guy comes from another country and walks around like a king. You should understand how bad the auto sector has become and how badly it is being treated. That other country, despite the white board came to pick up the girl.”

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The 30-second video shows how the auto driver first snatched the bike rider’s phone and then slapped him. Then he spoke a lot against the bike rider in support of his actions.

The police started investigating after the video went viral

The biker is yet to file a complaint in this regard, but after the video went viral on social media, the police took cognizance of the incident. The Bengaluru City Police tweeted that the matter is being investigated. Strict and necessary action will be taken in this regard. Police is looking for the auto driver seen in the viral video. Further investigations are also underway.

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