March 27, 2023

Some retired judges are forcing the judiciary to play an oppositional role, Rijiju’s major attack. Kiren Rijiju said some retired judges are forcing the judiciary to play the role of opposition

Kiren Rijiju also targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi saying that the one who speaks the most says that he is not allowed to speak.

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju.

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New DelhiUnion Law Minister Kiren Rijiju Some retired judges have alleged that the judiciary is being forced to play the role of opposition. Besides this, he also said that such judges harbor anti-national sentiments. they are Collegium system But he pointed out that this is the result of misadventure of the Congress.

Kiren Rijiju said there are three-four retired judges who are part of anti-national gangs, some of them activists. These people are trying to make the Indian Judiciary play the role of opposition party.

Collegium system supported by CJI

Kiren Ririju said this at an event. In the same programme, Supreme Court CJI DY Chandrachud supported the collegium system and stated the intention to maintain the independence of the judiciary. CJI said that every system is not perfect, but this is the best system we have built.

Kiren Rijiju said the Judiciary does not play any role in the initiation and finalization of judicial appointments. Later it was the courage of the Congress party that the Supreme Court started acting on it. Some also call it judicial possession. After this came the collegium system.

While speaking on the occasion, the Union Minister said that the collegium system will remain in force till the new system is implemented. However, judges cannot be appointed by judicial order, as it is a purely administrative function.

Rahul Gandhi also targeted

This time Kiren Rijiju targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his London speech. The person who talks the most, he claims, has been silenced.

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