March 27, 2023

Some people have taken the responsibility of implementing black vaccine in the country… PM Modi angry with Congress. PM Narendra Modi said some people have taken the responsibility of black vaccination in India

PM Modi said that some people cannot digest the success of democracy and therefore attack it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Image credit source: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi there is Congress But tauntingly said that a lot of good wishes are happening in the country, some people have taken the responsibility of planting black vaccine in India without being noticed by the country. He said, while the world thinks now is India’s time, some people are talking pessimistic, dragging India down and breaking its morale.

Speaking at an event, Prime Minister Modi also said, “Our country has a tradition of applying black vaccines so as not to be seen and these people have taken responsibility for applying this black vaccine.” Prime Minister Modi said this at the India Today Conclave. In fact, the Congress is constantly complaining about turning off the mic in Parliament. Rahul Gandhi spoke on this issue even when he went to London. This is why the Modi government is now constantly attacking. Prime Minister Modi has also targeted the Congress on this.

What did Prime Minister Modi say about the action of the investigative agency?

Counting down the achievement of 75 days to 2023, PM Modi said that the whole world is saying that this is India’s moment. There is a competition between different countries of the world to return the artifacts of India. At the same time, many opposition leaders are currently on the radar of investigative agencies. Speaking on the issue, PM Modi said that earlier there used to be news of scams worth lakhs of rupees due to which people would come out on the streets against corruption. But now the headlines are taking action against corruption and now the corrupt are taking to the streets.

Without naming Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said, ‘Some people cannot digest the success of our democracy and democratic institutions and attack our democracy. However, despite all this, India will achieve its goal.

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