March 20, 2023

Sister killed brother with live-in partner, dismembered body, arrested after eight years! Karnataka Crime News in Hindi: Bengaluru police solve murder mystery, arrest sister and her live-in partner after 8 years

Karnataka Crime: A sensational incident came to light eight years ago in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. Here a sister along with her boyfriend killed her own brother and dismembered the body and dumped it in different places. Now the police have solved this case.

Sister killed brother with live-in partner, dismembered body, arrested with lover after eight years!

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Bangalore: Eight years ago, a sister first killed her brother, then cut the body into pieces and dumped it in bags. The police were investigating the matter and the accused sister was evading the police. Now the police have solved the murder mystery by arresting the criminal sister and her live-in partner. The incident happened in Jigani, south Bengaluru, where the area was shocked after the body parts were found 8 years ago.

The accused sister’s name is Bhagyashree, said to be her lover’s son. According to the police, Bhagyashree killed his brother Lingaraju Siddappa, stuffed his body parts in a bag and dumped them at three different places, including a lake. The murder came to light when local people saw the piece of the body. Later, the police started investigating the case, but could not recover the body’s head.

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Brother killed with lover!

Police said that both Bhagyashree and Sivaputra were friends since their college days in Vijayapura, but they moved to Bengaluru in 2015 due to family problems. He lived in a rented house near Jigani and worked there in the Jigani industrial area. Later, when her brother Lingaraju Jigani visits her flat, he is surprised to see his sister’s affair and opposes their love. According to the police, there was a quarrel between two brothers and sisters. Shivaputra also jumped into the fray and then Bhagyashree killed his own brother along with him.

Both the lovers were hiding their identity and living in Maharashtra

To hide the body, the two lovers cut the body into pieces and put it in different bags. A bag containing the body’s hand was recovered near a meat shop in the area. At the same time, the head of the body was not found when another piece of the body was thrown into the nearby lake. Now the Karnataka Police said, based on information, two persons (premika) have been arrested in Nashik, Maharashtra. Both had been living here in hiding for years. The police arrested both of them and took them to Bangalore, where further action will be taken.

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