November 30, 2022

Shraddha Walker murder case Friendship with loved one became the reason for Shraddha’s murder au294 | Shraddha murder case: Indifference to loved ones, friendship with strangers is the reason for Shraddha’s murder!

Shraddha Walker’s murder case has shaken the country. The more one looks deeper into this brutal murder caused by the sin of love, the more horrible the truth will emerge. It was revealed that Shraddha’s indifference towards her near and dear ones and her friendship with strangers were responsible for Shraddha’s untimely death.

Shraddha was murdered on May 18. (file image)

Image credit source: Focus News

The murder of Shraddha Walker in the national capital Delhi shocked the world. Whatever goes through loved ones, goes through. This horrible incident of murder made the guards think too. Because, after all, Shraddha Walker trusted her blindly in love with Aftab Amin Poonawala; After all, what was the real reason behind all this? Let’s know some sensational information coming out in Delhi Police investigation.

In fact, Shraddha’s parents were unhappy with the relationship that had developed between the daughter and unknown Aftab through a dating app. Shraddha’s father in particular was so angry with his daughter that when he found out that Shraddha had gone on a trip to Rishikesh in Uttarakhand with an unknown young man without the family’s consent. So they could not restrain the girl’s legs with fetters. Yes, he must have been angry. He decided that no matter what happened now, his daughter would not rise to the threshold of the world while alive. However, the victim’s family, who became infamous in the eyes of the society and their own people due to such activities of the girl, stopped talking to the people around them.

Shraddha’s parents could not respond to Kunve family members. They keep trying to hide the fact that the girl has left home against her will from being revealed to her near and dear ones. But it couldn’t be. Gradually everyone came to know that there was a commotion going on inside the house. Alam reaches such a point that Shraddha’s father gradually succumbs to depression. The rest ended when, through social media, the family learned that instead of returning home from Rishikesh, Shraddha had started living in Delhi with Aftab, who had become her boyfriend four days earlier. This information broke both mom and dad badly and more.

Shraddha was not in touch with any friend since May

Meanwhile, mother and some friends also tried to contact Shraddha. It is known that Shraddha has not been in contact with anyone since May. So in such a situation, doubt is natural. So when the worried family reached Delhi, they found the house in Mehrauli area locked, where the family learned about Shraddha’s stay with Aftab. When the apprehension of unpleasant things grew in his mind, the father reached the police station to report his daughter missing. When the police start looking for Shraddha, they find out that she has been murdered. The most important thing about this sensational murder is that after killing Shraddha, the accused left the body parts in the forest several times as per their wish and convenience. And he could not be caught.

The crime was executed like a professional criminal

If her father had not reached Delhi in search of Shraddha, the gruesome story of Shraddha’s murder would not have come to light. On the other hand, if an Assistant Commissioner of Police level officer attached to the Delhi Police teams investigating the case is to be believed, “the accused may have committed the murder in the first place. Accused is of a vicious-consumer nature and cruel mentality. The same ACP told Focus News India on Tuesday on condition of anonymity, “The accused committed the murder like a trend/professional criminal. After visiting the spot, the matter became clear. Even though the accused said that he was not involved in any criminal incident earlier, his statement cannot be blindly believed. It is possible that we (Delhi Police team involved in investigation of Shraddha murder case) are limited only to Shraddha murder case, but Aftab may have consulted someone else to handle this murder. No angle can be ignored at this moment. On the other hand, if there is one thing the police are eagerly waiting for, it is the report of the forensic science experts. Which will prove to be helpful in furthering the police investigation.

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