November 30, 2022

Shraddha Murder Case Delhi Updates Aftab Poonawala answered every question asked by the police. ‘We had a fight, I hit him and sat on his chest’ Read Aftab’s Q&A

Knowing the answers to every question of Aftab Poonawala police interrogation in Shraddha murder case will make your heart flutter. Surprisingly, he has no regrets about it.

Accused Aftab was taken to Chhatarpur forest by Delhi Police.

A resident of Vasai area of ​​Palghar district adjacent to Mumbai Shraddha Walker His live-in partner Aftab Poonawala did the blood Lived with him in Chhattarpur area of ​​Delhi. After killing Shraddha, Aftab cut her body into 35 pieces and kept it in the fridge for two days. After that, for 18 days, he continued to erase the evidence by throwing it piece by piece in the jungles of Delhi’s Mehrauli area. The mystery of the brutal murder that took place in May has now come to light. Aftab ne Police investigation I have confessed my guilt.

Aftab Poonawala was heartbroken after knowing the answers to each question during the police interrogation. Please note that during the police interrogation, Aftab did not express any remorse for his actions. He says that he was very angry and when his mind cooled down, he was only concerned that no one should know about the incident. According to a news channel, the police asked Aftab the following questions-

How and why is the honor of murder?

Aftab– On May 18 (Wednesday) there was a fight with Shraddha. It happened before. But a little more happened that day. We had a fight. I threw her down and sat on her chest and strangled her with both my hands. After a while he stopped breathing.

Then what happened to the body?

AftabShraddha’s body was taken to the bathroom that night. He stayed there all night.

How and why was the body dismembered?

AftabWent to the market on May 19. 300 liter fridge is taken from Kirti electronics shop in local market. I bought a saw from another shop. The body was dismembered in the same bathroom at night. I worked as a chef for a few days. That’s why I trained in grinding chicken and mutton. On May 19, I cut the body into pieces. Fill them with polythene. After that keep it in the fridge. Keep the rest of the pieces in the bottom of the fridge.

How long did it take to shred?

Aftab– 2 days. 19 and 20 May.

What did you do next?

AftabSome fragments were dropped in the Mehrauli forest during the night of 19 and 20 May. But did not go inside the forest. For about 20 days, I would go to the forest and throw a few pieces. It was at night. So I can’t give real information about the place.

Was this your routine for 20 days?

Aftab– Yes. I didn’t leave the house. Used to move the fridge pieces up and down. So that the bad smell does not come out immediately. Chemicals are used to clean rooms, floors, bathrooms.

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Did you not think of killing the one you loved like this?

Aftab– No, I was angry. It was his wish that his family members should not know. However, he was distant from his family members. No one would come looking for him, it seemed. So I did everything I could to hide this blood.

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