November 30, 2022

Shraddha murder case Delhi update Aftab Poonawala said why he did online transactions when he left home, the police here told him the truth to transfer 54 thousand rupees to him. If Shraddha left the house then why did you transfer the money to Aftab? 54 thousand opened the mystery of murder

Shraddha Walker’s killer boyfriend was initially saying that Shraddha has left home. I don’t know where it went. If so, why did Shraddha transfer 54 thousand rupees to his account after that? This is where Aftab falls into the trap, the mystery unfolds.

online transactions, Shraddha Walker Amidst all these episodes, the sudden switch off of the phone, the registration of her missing complaint Aftab Poonawala He fell into a trap because of the apparent discrepancy in the initial answers given to the police. Finally, seeing no way out, he continues to unravel the mystery. so Shraddha murder case The shocking truth came out. Aftab then narrated how he brutally killed his live-in partner Shraddha, a resident of Vasai area of ​​Palghar district adjacent to Mumbai in Chattarpur, Delhi and cut her into 35 pieces.

He then told how he kept Shraddha’s body parts in a fridge and destroyed the evidence by throwing them in the Mehrauli forest every night. If anyone played the biggest role in solving the six-month-old Shraddha murder case, it was the transfer of Rs 54,000 from Shraddha’s account to Aftab’s account.

If there was a fight, then why so much love would have accumulated 54 thousand in Aftab’s account?

54 thousand was transferred from Shraddha’s account to Aftab’s account. During initial interrogation, Aftab told the police that Shraddha quarreled with him and left the house. Then where he went, he does not know. The question is, when Shraddha left the house after a fight, why would she transfer the money to Aftab’s account? In other words, after Shraddha’s murder, Aftab was managing his Instagram account in the same way he was also managing his bank account. That means he knew Shraddha’s password. That is why he was able to transfer money from Shraddha’s account to his account.

When the friend became suspicious, the father filed a missing report

Palghar police recorded the statements of Shraddha Walker’s childhood friends Laxman Nadar and Subin. Laxman told the police that Shraddha was always in touch with him, he used to share all his things with him. But suddenly he disappeared. When no contact was possible, he informed Shraddha’s father Bikash Walker. Then Shraddha’s father filed a missing complaint at Manikpur police station.

The suspicion of the police increased, Aftab got caught in his own net.

On October 26, the Vasai police recorded Aftab’s statement for the first time. On May 14, Shraddha and Aftab moved from Mumbai to Delhi and to their house in Chhattarpur. Aftab said there was an argument on May 22 and Shraddha left with her phone. Shraddha’s phone was found switched off on May 26. But from May 22 to 26 money was transferred from Shraddha’s account to Aftab’s account. The location of the phone was also said to be Chattarpur.

Shraddha picked up the phone, then how is the location of her phone in Chhattarpur? This is how Aftab fell into the trap

Here first of all this lie is caught that if Shraddha is carrying her phone, then why is her phone location showing Chhattarpur? 54 thousand was transferred from Shraddha’s account to Aftab’s account. On November 11, when Vasai police and Delhi police interrogated Aftab together, Aftab said he knew Shraddha’s password and that he had transferred the money.

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Money was also withdrawn from Shraddha’s ATM, information is being added

When the Vasai police reached Aftab’s hideout, his Delhi address and location, the situation there raised more suspicions. Aftab was engaged in trying to mislead the police. Aftab also withdrew money from Shraddha’s ATM on May 15 and 16. This made the police more suspicious. After that, he came out with the whole truth when he was severely questioned by the Vasai Police and the Delhi Police. He told how he killed Shraddha and then cut her body into 35 pieces. There was no wrinkle on his face when he said this, and no regret on his face.

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