November 30, 2022

Shashi Tharoor says the trolls are sick after a picture of a woman with him went viral. The girl uploaded a picture together, people trolled it, Tharoor got angry

The girl alleged that some right-wing people were misrepresenting her picture and discussing it on social media. When he wrote these on Twitter, Shashi Tharoor’s anger grew.

Shashi Tharoor scolded trollers.

Image credit source: PTI

The Congress leader is popular for his English and unique style Shashi Tharoor Again in discussion. This time he gave a befitting reply to the trollers on Twitter. In fact, a girl took a picture with him and uploaded it on social media. But later he complained that some right-wing people were misrepresenting his image social media But this is being discussed. When he wrote these on Twitter, Shashi Tharoor’s anger grew.

The girl shared a post on Twitter with an account called @breezishername. In it, he wrote, ‘I am saddened by how right-wing ideologues are misusing my picture with Shashi Tharoor sir. These people are spreading wrong words for political gain.

I deleted all photos: girl

The girl also said, ‘I met Shashi Tharoor at the Sahitya Utsav. I was invited there. I met him and took pictures with him like everyone else. There is no political or personal story in it. But people are spreading a false story between me and Tharoor. I removed all those pictures. I would like to request people and pages to remove my picture as well. Even after this statement of the girl, people started trolling her. The girl also tagged Shashi Tharoor on Twitter. In such a situation the matter reached him.

Also pictured with: Tharoor

On this, Congress leader and Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor targeted the trollers and gave them a befitting reply. Shashi Tharoor said, ‘This young lady is being trolled for one of her pictures. That photo was taken at the reception and I took over 50 photos with others. He said, ‘You keep your dirty minds to yourselves.

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Tharoor contested for the post of Congress president

Let us inform you that before the political career, Shashi Tharoor recently contested for the post of Congress President. In this he competed against Mallikarjun Kharg. He was defeated in this and Kharge was made the president of the party after the victory. However, Shashi Tharoor has been left out of the party’s list of star campaigners for the Gujarat elections. However, despite this, Congress sources say Tharoor has not been removed from the party.

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