March 20, 2023

Same Hindu festival, same model, same brand… Bindi in one but not in the other, know what it is. Writer Shefali Vaidya tweeted PNG Jewelers added to English and Marathi newspapers saying bindi no business

In the same ad by PNG Jewellers, people are congratulated in two different ways, one with a bindi and the other without a bindi. People are responding to this through social media.

Advertisement of PNG Jewelers published in English and Marathi newspapers

Image Credit Source: Shefali Vaidya @Twitter

New Delhi. social media But there has been a stir over a jeweller’s advertisement. It was written by a writer in his own right Twitter handle Only one of which is shared Jewellers The same advertisement is published in two different newspapers. One newspaper is regional language and the other is English language. The major difference between these two advertisements is that in one magazine the dot is visible on the forehead of the actress and in the other it is not.

In fact famous writer Shefali Vaidya posted two pictures from her social media account. One of these is from a Marathi regional newspaper and the other is from an English newspaper. Advertisements of PNG Jewelers were published in two newspapers wishing them Gudiparawa. Popular Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit is seen in both the advertisements. However, there are many differences between them.

In the Marathi language newspaper, the actress dons a bindi and her hair is tied in a bun. Whereas in the English language press, the actress has parted hair and no bindi from her forehead. Shefali tweeted about this, ‘Check out these advertisements of PNG Jewelers in Gudiparawa today. Same Hindu festival, same model, same brand, but see the difference. PNG thinks that Hindu women who read English newspapers celebrate Gudiparwa without wearing a bindi.

Shefali also said in her tweet, ‘Regional women and those who read newspapers in Marathi language celebrate Gudiparawa wearing Bindi.’ So far more than two lakh people have seen this tweet and more than two and a half thousand people have retweeted it. Many are reacting to this and calling the incident against Hindu culture.

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