March 27, 2023

Rahul London speech row: Have to agree… BJP leader Temjen Imna praises Rahul. Rahul Gandhi London speech row Nagaland BJP minister Temjen Imna praises Rahul Gandhi in Twitter comments

Rahul Gandhi London speech row: Amid a heated exchange between BJP and Congress over Rahul Gandhi’s London speech, a BJP leader took to Twitter to taunt Rahul Gandhi. Nagaland BJP Minister Temjen Imna commented on Rahul’s picture ‘Manna Padega…’ which is popular on social media.

Rahul London speech row: Must agree… BJP leader Temjen Imna praised Rahul!

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Amid a heated exchange between Congress and BJP over Rahul Gandhi’s speech in London, Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along praised Rahul Gandhi in a Twitter comment. He tweeted a picture of Rahul Gandhi from the official handle of the Congress and said, ‘Manna padega’. Rahul is wearing a suit in the picture and is posing for pictures. The BJP minister also said that ‘the picture came out well… the confidence and pose is also next level’.

Temgen is known for his witty comments on social media. Rahul’s London speech has heated up the country’s politics. Ever since Rahul’s speech, all the BJP leaders have been trying to surround him, give jawans and show him a mirror. Meanwhile, Temgen’s comment on Rahul’s picture has also been appreciated. A war of words has been going on between the leaders of the two parties for the past few days. Both are accusing each other. The BJP alleged that Rahul had gone abroad and tried to undermine Indian democracy.

BJP-Congress is spreading lies

In his speech, Rahul Gandhi talked about many topics including India, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Indo-China conflict. BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad also tried to corner Rahul and said that the former Congress president is completely in the grip of Maoist thought process and chaotic elements.

The Congress countered that the BJP was spreading lies as it was swayed by the issues raised by Rahul Gandhi. The opposition also said senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad should apologize for lying and clarify the government’s stand on China and Pakistan and inflation and unemployment.

‘Country does not listen, mourns abroad’

In a press conference, former Union minister Prasad accused Rahul Gandhi of insulting India’s democracy, its parliament, judiciary and political system, strategic security as well as the public. Prasad said Rahul Gandhi has forgotten all dignity, decency and democratic shame by criticizing India from foreign soil. He said that the people of India do not listen to him, do not understand him, it is far from supporting him in such a situation. He said, …so they go abroad and lament that India’s democracy is in danger.

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