March 20, 2023

Phadnavis kicked, hurt in national politics; Vinod Tawde is important for BJP’s Mission 2024. After being sidelined by Fadnavis in Maharashtra politics, Vinod Tawde has become an important BJP leader at the national level.

In 2019, Pankaja Munde and Vinod Tawde were sent from Maharashtra politics to national politics against their will. One raves about his defeat, the other kisses BJP’s new peak on the national stage… Difference of opinion!

Pankaja Munde Vinod Tawde

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MUMBAI: There are two types of people in the world. One stars who screams of their own defeat. For this they make new excuses. One who accepts defeat and moves forward with renewed vigor prepares a new path. The same thing happened in the last assembly elections in Maharashtra. Devendra Fadnavis Pankaja Munde, who was a cabinet minister in the government, lost the election to his own cousin Dhananjay Munde. He blamed his team for the defeat. BJP Burst on the lead. Accused Devendra Phadnavis. Vinod Taode It didn’t

Pankaja Munde was the daughter of late Gopinath Munde. He had power in the team for so long. So at least Fadnavis gave him the ticket. But Vinod Tawde was punished for being close to Pankaja Mund. First he was stripped of his ministerial post, then he was not given a ticket to contest the 2019 assembly elections. That is, he has been forced into national politics. Tawde came to Delhi from Maharashtra. Within a few years, he got involved in national politics. Today his role is important in BJP’s 2024 mission.

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Not Defeated in Defeat… Ready for a New Way, BJP Strategizes on National Stage

An important committee has been formed for BJP’s Mission 2024. Vinod Tawde has been appointed as one of its three key members. This committee will play an important role in formulating the strategy of BJP’s Mission 2024. BJP general secretary Vinod Tawde has been invited. Apart from him, two general secretaries, Sunil Bansal and Tarun Chugh, have been made members of the committee. The three-member committee will be responsible for fixing the time, place and program of leaders’ visits to campaign for the Lok Sabha. Apart from that, where BJP is the second party, it has to play the role of deciding the candidate of BJP.

Tawde continued to climb the stairs like this, while Pankaja and Deodhar fell behind

During 2019-20, three leaders from Maharashtra held the post of National Secretary. Vinod Tawde was among the trio along with Pankaja Munde and Sunil Deodhar. This was the time when the national president JP Nadda was also new and a new BJP party was being formed at the national level. In other words, one door of Maharashtra politics was closing and another was opening for Vinod Tavar. Vinod Taude became deeply involved in the work of the organization. Within a year i.e. in 2021, Vinod Tawde became the General Secretary. Pankaja and Deodhar were National Secretaries. Just then Ken kept climbing new stairs.

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Burying flags of success here and there, these are the funds of Tao’s success

Vinod Tawde did not have to look back after that. He took over as in-charge of Haryana and formed the BJP government. When the JDU broke away from the BJP in Bihar, the party gave Bihar to Vinod Tawde. In the West Bengal elections, he performed well in several assembly constituencies. Coordination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program also continued. This is how his currency has been frozen in national politics today.

So in short this is the success story of Vinod Tavar. From the period of student politics of ABVP from 1985 to 1995, the passion for the work of the organization and the techniques learned during that time are never forgotten. After that he became State Secretary in BJP, President of Mumbai, Leader of Opposition in Legislative Assembly for 13 years. In 2014, contested the Assembly elections from Borivali, Mumbai. 2019 again didn’t get ticket but now they got that opportunity that they decide which candidate will get ticket and who won’t.

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