March 27, 2023

PFI wanted to bring in Islamic State to oust the current government of the country, NIA seized 40 bank accounts. NIA imposes PFI funds, plans to form trained militia

Sanction of PFI funds: NIA registered a case against PFI in September 2022 to investigate criminal conspiracy against PFI and its leaders.

NIA imposes ban on PFI funds

Image credit source: PTI

New Delhi: Popular Front of India banned by National Investigation Agency (NIA) (PFI) 19 leaders have been charged with criminal conspiracy against India. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has charged 19 leaders of the banned Popular Front of India (PFI) with criminal conspiracy against India. NIA freezes 37 bank accounts of PFIs as well as 40 bank accounts of 19 people associated with PFIs to suppress Popular Front of India.

The NIA in its investigation revealed that the PFI was conspiring to divide the country on communal lines. According to the organization, PFI wanted to uproot the current regime in the country. was working to make India an Islamic state. The investigation also revealed that the PFI was paying and arming its terror operators across the country.

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‘Radicalisation of Muslim youth’

PFI conspired to radicalize Muslim youth to conspire against the Indian government. He used to swear allegiance and loyalty to the ideals to induct these youths into the PFI. Not only that, from weapons training to bomb making and fund raising, he was also giving training.

Home ministry banned for five years

The Union Home Ministry has banned the Popular Front of India for five years under the UAPA Act. In favor of this organization is the world’s most feared terrorist organization ‘ISIS’, Popular Front of India. PFI has created many types of wings and units to fulfill its mission. He has also formed a group called Fitness Training. It includes physical training as well as weapons training.

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