November 30, 2022

Narayan Murthy says Gambia child deaths were a shame for country India needs to step up research au538 | Death of children in Gambia is a shame for the country… Narayan Murthy says research needs to be done

Speaking at an award function organized by Infosys Science Foundation, Narayan Murthy said that the death of 6 children in Gambia from cough syrup made in India was a black mark for India…It’s a shame.

Infosys Its founder Narayana Murthy A big statement has come up. Speaking in Bangalore he said that the death of 6 children in Gambia due to cough syrup made in India is a black mark for India… it is shameful. Murthy said that despite the success in developing a Covid-19 vaccine, there are still problems in research in the field of science and technology in the country.

sculpture Infosys Science Foundation He said this at an awards ceremony organized where a total of six people were given an incentive of $100,000. At the programme, Murthy said that developing the Covid-19 vaccine was certainly an achievement, but the death of children in Gambia did not augur well for India. On the occasion, Murthy also congratulated renowned scientist Gagandeep Kang and other scientists for becoming Fellows of the Royal Society of London. He also congratulated Ashok Sen for winning the Millennium Award. He described the new education policy based on the recommendations of the Kasturirangan Committee as a good step for the country.

Dengue vaccine has not been developed in 70 years

Narayan Murthy said that many things are happening which are very good for the country but there are also challenges with it. He said that we do not have any institute in the ranking of best institutes for higher education published for 2020. The vaccine we developed is also based on the technology of developed countries. The situation is such that till date we have not been able to develop a vaccine for Dengue and Chikungunya, which we have been suffering from for 70 years.

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It is important to focus on research

Narayan Murthy said, experts today believe that we cannot solve the problem immediately due to the low quality of modern higher education and research. This is also because we are not working with enough money and global research institutes in research. Money is not the only reason for innovation and invention, Murthy said. Rather, we need to look at two elements of research. Firstly, the material that we should focus on education in schools and colleges and secondly, research should be enabled so that we can solve those problems immediately. The software tycoon said that the development of the country is possible only with the development of science and technology. For this, science and technology research should be encouraged more.

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