March 20, 2023

Mission 2024: With 160 seats to lift saffron, BJP has a mega plan. With the help of 160 seats, saffron will be hoisted, BJP has a mega plan

BJP’s plan for 2024 elections: According to party sources, PM Modi may hold around 50 to 60 meetings and other programs in the lost Lok Sabha seats.

BJP has a big plan

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New Delhi:of 2024 Lok Sabha elections preparation for BJP Now the implementation has started. Under the Lok Sabha transfer plan, the BJP, which has been fighting to win its fragile 160 Lok Sabha seats since 8 months, has now started taking the final steps. Specially trained Trimurti General Secretaries have been deployed in the summer for this. This team of General Secretaries has already started coordinating with ministers and leaders assigned to 160 constituencies of the Lok Sabha Pravas Yojana.

Under the plan, the trinity of national general ministers, comprising Sunil Bansal, Tarun Chugh and Vinod Tawde, are formulating strategies based on the feedback they are getting in these constituencies.

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PM can hold 50 to 60 meetings with lost Lok Sabha seats

According to party sources, PM Modi may hold around 50 to 60 meetings and other events in these lost Lok Sabha constituencies. A BJP source intimately familiar with the Lok Sabha transfer program says that 3-4 Lok Sabha seats have been merged to form a cluster, comprising around 40 clusters. In this sense, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have a big rally. All these will be held in clusters, so a strategy has been made to hold around 50 to 60 public meetings/public meetings for PM Modi in these constituencies.

The program will include not only public meetings, but also foundation-laying and unveiling of projects by the central or BJP-ruled state governments. Party sources say that maximum number of Prime Minister’s programs will be organized in these constituencies from September to December.

In line with this, the party’s entire focus will be on non-BJP-ruled states, apart from South Indian states, in states like Bengal, Odisha and Telangana to host more of the Prime Minister’s programs. Special emphasis will be given to its assembly

Outreach program has started running

Apart from this, the party has fully activated all its fronts. All fronts of the party have been asked to take part in day and night campaigning on the battlefield from March 30. Whereas SC Morcha, ST Morcha, OBC Morcha, Minority Morcha, Mahila Morcha and Youth Morcha have been directed to carry out various programs and maximum penetration of their respective target groups. Most of the Morchas have already started campaigning activities among their target groups. Programs on all fronts are being developed in such a way that at the end there is a big national level program where PM Modi will address.

Besides, according to the plan of the party, 160 weak seats have been divided into two parts. Out of which 80-80 is divided into two parts where rallies and public meetings of BJP President JP Nadda and Home Minister Amit Shah are being held. First, 3 rounds of overnight stay of central government ministers and senior leaders of organizations have been completed in these 160 constituencies. Every Lok Sabha ends with expansion, social influencers, social influencers and inclusion of new people into the party.

The Prime Minister’s Program will prove to be the roadmap to 2024

BJP’s strategy is that in these 160 constituencies, a big atmosphere will be created for the party by holding public meetings and public meetings of the three big leaders of the party. After the first phase of party campaigning in 160 Lok Sabha constituencies ends, the second phase of campaigning will begin, where PM Modi’s programs will be decided in the remaining 383 constituencies of the country. The party believes that the Prime Minister’s program of taking seats considered strong or strongholds after weak seats will prove to be a milestone for the 2024 roadmap.

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