March 20, 2023

Major accident in Bengaluru, conductor sleeping in bus, death in sudden fire. Sleeping conductor dies in Bengaluru bus fire

The bus driver first saw the fire at 4:45 am on Friday morning. 80 percent of the conductors of the bus were burnt.

Bengaluru bus catches fire (hint image)

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Bangalore A major accident has occurred. A government bus caught fire here. the bus The conductor is dead. According to information, the bus was standing at the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus stand in Lingadhirnahalli when the incident took place. While giving information about this, the police said that the 45-year-old bus conductor died due to a fire in the bus. His name is Muthaiyya Swamy.

The incident is said to be on Friday. According to information, the bus conductor was present in the bus and was asleep when the bus caught fire. Then suddenly the bus caught fire in which he died. According to DCP Laxman B Nimbargi, a BMTC bus caught fire at Sumanahalli Bus Depot.

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First the bus driver saw the burning bus

39-year-old bus driver Prakash first saw the incident at 4:45 am. Around 10:30 pm on Thursday night, he parked the bus at the D group stop and went to sleep in the restaurant. And the conductor fell asleep in the bus.

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Up to 80 percent burnt conductors

DCP said that 80 percent of the conductors were burnt. However, no information is yet available on how the fire started. DCP Laxman said, around 12 noon on Friday, a fire broke out in Pramod Layout area under Boytarayanpur police station where plastic bottles and other garbage were collected. Fire engines reached the spot immediately after receiving the information about the fire, and the fire was brought under control. The DCP said a total of eight fire engines were dispatched to the spot to douse the fire. However, no one died in this accident.

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