November 30, 2022

Majid Memon resigns from NCP for personal reasons thanks Sharad Pawar for his guidance. Majid Menon left the party thanking Sharad Pawar’s NCP

Senior NCP leader Majid Menon resigned from the party. He thanked Sharad Pawar for honoring him and guiding him in his journey so far.

Majid Memon

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Senior leader of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). Majid Memon Resigned from the party. He did not agree to give the reason for resignation. she is his NCP To respect and guide me in a career of 16 years and so far Sharad Pawar He refused to say anything when asked about the reason for leaving the team. He only said that he is resigning for personal reasons.

Announcing his decision, Majid Memon said he was resigning from the NCP with immediate effect. He said his best wishes will always be with Sharad Pawar and the team. He tweeted about his decision.

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It’s been a journey so far, it’s been beautiful for 16 years

Majid Menon wrote in his tweet, ‘I am grateful to NCP Chief, Hon’ble Sharad Pawarji, for giving me respect and invaluable guidance in my journey with NCP for 16 years. Due to my personal reasons, I am terminating the membership of NCP with immediate effect. My best wishes will always be with Pawar Sahib and team.

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Majid Memon’s relationship with Sharad Pawar is very old. They were considered very close. His name was among three-four big leaders of NCP national politics. He is called the voice of Sharad Pawar and NCP on national issues. His important role in shaping NCP’s strategy at the national level always came to the fore. By resigning in silence, he not only surprised the NCP workers-leaders, but also caused pain to the rest of the people. Why? He said he was going for personal reasons. No complaints, no complaints, my Sufiana habit left.

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