March 20, 2023

Karnataka News: ‘Rs 8.23 ​​crore received from sale of betel nuts’, says BJP MLA in corruption case

Karnataka News: Rs 8.23 ​​crore recovered in a raid from Karnataka BJP MLA Madal Virupaksappa’s son Prashant Kumar MV.

BJP MLA Virupakshappa

Karnataka Faced corruption charges after seizure of Rs 8.23 ​​crore from his home and office BJP MLA Madal Virupaksappa said on Tuesday that he received the said amount from the sale of betel nuts. After being granted bail by the High Court, Channagiri MLA and chairman of Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited, Biruppakappa told reporters in Channeshpur that it was the first time in India’s history that an MLA of the ruling party had been raided. the party

“Our taluk is known as betel nut land,” said the BJP MLA, admitting that the money found in his house belonged to his family. In our betel fields, a typical farmer has five to six crore rupees in his house. I have 125 acres of betel nut farm, betel nut market and many other businesses. I will submit proper documents to Lokayukta and get my money back.

MLA’s son was caught while accepting a bribe of 40 lakh rupees

Viruppakappa’s son Prashant Kumar MV was caught red-handed by Lokayukta officials for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 40 lakh on his father’s behalf from a contractor at the KSDL office. Further raids led to the recovery of Rs 8.23 ​​crore in cash, huge amount of gold and silver jewelery and huge investment in land from the house of the Madal family.

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Prashant is a Karnataka Administrative Service Officer and Chief Accounts Officer of Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board. Claiming innocence, he said he had done nothing wrong, as he had no administrative authority to sign any tender documents.

Done with malicious political intent – Virupakshappa

Veerupaksappa also said that KSDL officials cleared all tenders transparently and there was no corruption. He said, ‘I have not committed any wrongdoing, so the court granted me bail.’ Calling it a conspiracy against him, he suspected that unknown persons had hatched it with ulterior political motives.

The BJP MLA said that this is the first time in history that a raid has been conducted against a ruling party MLA. I want to say that I have not done anything that harms my party and I have not done any corruption and I am not involved in any irregularities.

Virupaksappa also claimed that his son was innocent and alleged that someone kept Rs 40 lakh in his chamber to frame him.

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