November 30, 2022

Karnataka Dakshina Kannada temple bans entry of non-Muslim traders, Hindu Jagran Vedi poster says what is the rule? , Karnataka: Non-Hindu businessmen are prohibited from entering temple premises, Hindu organizations warn, what are the rules?

The poster alleged that “Champa Shasthi festival is going to be celebrated at Kukke Subramanya temple. Non-Hindu community people are prohibited from setting up shops and stalls around the temple during this time.” Read here what the rules say…

Non-Hindu traders are prohibited from entering temples in Karnataka

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Karnataka In Dakshina Kannada district Kukke Subramanya Temple Non-Hindus shops are banned in the vicinity. For this a poster has been put up in the temple premises, announcing restrictions on Hindu Jagran Vedi. A huge throng of devotees is expected at the temple for the ‘Champa Shasthi’ festival starting next week. The poster reads, “Champa Shasthi festival is going to be celebrated at Kukke Subramanya temple. At this time, shops and stalls of non-Hindu community people have been banned around the temple.

Neither Karnataka government nor BJP has commented on this poster. But this is not the first such poster. Earlier in March, Dakshina Kannada’s Durgaparameshwari banned temple authorities from leasing stalls to non-Hindu people. Such banners were also seen in Ganibidu village in Chikkamagaluru, where there were demands to prevent non-Hindu traders from setting up stalls during the ceremony at the Subramaniameshwara temple.

Law Minister of Karnataka has given support

Karnataka Law Minister JC Madhuswamy appeared to support the move. Addressing the state assembly, he said, “According to Rule 12 of the Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act, 2002, no property including land, building or site belonging to the institution shall be leased to non-Hindus. The poster-banner has been put up in accordance with this rule.” The opposition Congress has accused the BJP of trying to divide the society.

Business of non-Hindus in temple is prohibited, legally wrong

But the rules cited by the Karnataka Law Minister nowhere state that non-Hindu people cannot set up shops or stalls around the temple. The Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act was originally enacted in 1997 but came into force in 2001. this the law It has been controversial ever since its implementation. After this, the Karnataka High Court stayed the Act, and some rules were ordered to be removed.

According to media reports, nowhere in the Act does it say that the Act prevents non-Hindus from setting up shops or stalls around temples. The rules under the Act, i.e., secondary laws to deal with how the Act will work, were first made by the state government in 2002 and it also saw amendments in 2012. Certain rules of law also create scope for confusion. Rule No. 12, which the Law Minister referred to, says nothing about non-Hindus doing business and setting up stalls. Rule 12 deals only with the appointment of temple servants and orcs.

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