March 27, 2023

It’s an insult to the country…, Vice President dragged Rahul Gandhi in ‘mic off’ speech. Jagdeep Dhankhar’s off-mic comments in Indian Parliament are spreading lies and insulting the country

Rahul Gandhi comments: On Monday, Rahul Gandhi told British MPs at the Parliament complex in London that microphones are often silenced for the opposition in India’s Lok Sabha.

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar. (file image)

Jagdeep Dhankhar on Rahul Gandhi: In an indirect attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday said that miking the Indian Parliament from foreign soil is false propaganda and an insult to the country. He also said that while India has a proud moment of chairing the G20, it is unacceptable for a parliamentarian to tarnish the image of Indian democracy and constitutional unit and he cannot deviate from his constitutional duty in this regard. to remain

Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice-Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar urged people to uncover and thwart such forces. Vice President did not take Rahul Gandhi’s name. He was speaking at the launch of a book based on Mundaka Upanishad by veteran Congress leader and former Union Minister Karan Singh.

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What did Rahul Gandhi say?

In fact, on Monday, Rahul Gandhi told British MPs at the Parliament complex in London that microphones are often silenced for the opposition in India’s Lok Sabha. At an event hosted by Indian-origin MP Virendra Sharma of the opposition Labor Party in the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons, Rahul Gandhi also shared his experience of the Congress’ Bharat Joro Yatra. Gandhi termed the march as an intense political exercise to mobilize the masses.

We are the most functioning democracy in the world

At the same time, the Bharatiya Janata Party also attacked Rahul Gandhi’s statement. Rajya Sabha Chairman Dhankhar said that today we are the most active democracy in the world. He said that India is in Amritkal and has influenced global discussions on many issues. All Indians are happy that the country is not rising like before. We are definitely on our way to 2047.

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Some people are tarnishing the image of the country

Dhankhar said, “How strange, how sad that while the world is acknowledging our historic achievements and vibrant democracy, some of us, including parliamentarians, are engaged in eroding the rich democratic values.” He said, the discussion is out of reality. How can we justify it, he asked? The Vice President said, watch the time… this is false propaganda. When it is a proud moment for India, it is chairing the G20. People from outside the country are tarnishing the image of Parliament and constitutional unit of India, it is very serious and unacceptable.

Silence on MP’s false propaganda

The Vice President said that it would be against his constitutional power and oath if he remained silent on the false propaganda of any member of Parliament outside the country. He said, how can this statement of shutting down the mic in the Indian Parliament be accepted. Dhankhar said there is a black chapter in our political history when Emergency was imposed. Now that the Indian political system has matured, it (emergency) can never be repeated.

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Unleash these powers: Dhankhar

He said that it is an insult to the nation to turn off the microphone in the Indian Parliament. “I call upon all people to stand up, expose these forces and defeat them,” the Vice President said. He said, I am not a political party, I do not take a party position, but I believe in constitutional duties. He said, he is not afraid, if he is silent, many people will keep silent.

Chaos in Parliament, MP targeted

Dhankhar said which country in the world can claim to have such a multi-layered and vibrant democracy? In response to some of Rahul Gandhi’s comments regarding the judiciary, he indirectly said, where is the judiciary where there are so many wise and virtuous people. He also targeted the MPs for breaking up the parliament and raising slogans.

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Parliamentarians should behave in ways that inspire people

Dhankhar said that there was no disorder in the Constituent Assembly and no one came near the seat, from where a great document (Constitution) was given. He urged the parliamentarians to behave in a way that inspires people and gives a new direction to the country. We need to ensure that the world sees our Parliament as a more orderly and robust forum for discussion, the Vice President said.

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