March 27, 2023

Is there any toolkit in J&K? Congress surrounds government in Kiran Patel case. Congress leader Pawan Khera’s question to the government about Kiran Patel

Kiran Patel was taking advantage of government opportunities by posing as a fake PMO officer. He even got Z Plus security in Kashmir. Now Congress has raised many questions on this issue.

Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda (File)

Image credit source: PTI

Kiran Bhai Patel, a resident of Gujarat, was robbing government services by claiming to be a PMO officer. It was exposed in Jammu and Kashmir and it was arrested. Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda targeted the government on this. He said that when the country’s government surrendered to save the Prime Minister’s friend, he did not even hear the news.

Congress leader Pawan Kheda said, Is this your information system? It took him five months to figure it out and he went around misusing his name. Kheda said he goes to areas where civilians cannot go. He complained that two people have been released? Which tool kit is it part of? Whose game was it? Why was it left?

Congress has raised questions of national security

Kheda said that Pulwama DSP Devinder Singh has been released. The DIG was reprimanded during the arrest. Where is DSP Devinder Singh? He also said that ordinary Kashmiri scholars are losing their lives. Being targeted constantly. You will get Z+ security if only your name (PM Modi) is on the card. Kheda said, referring to national security, whose resignation will you do? It’s not a small matter, just resigning over it. He said, whose rule in Kashmir, to whom will they report? This (Kiran Patel) has visited Jammu and Kashmir for the third time in the last five years.

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Kiran’s wife came in front of the media

Kiran Patel’s wife came before the media today in the case. He denied all the allegations and said that his husband was innocent. His wife said Kiran had done nothing wrong. He went to Kashmir to work on a project. He also said that he cannot do injustice to anyone.

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