March 20, 2023

If China-Pakistan border crossing, India will take big steps! Claims in the US intelligence report Annual assessment of US intelligence agency India’s retaliatory military escalation China Pakistan terror attacks

US Intelligence: India continues to be troubled by neighboring countries. On the one side from China and on the other side from Pakistan, there is a tense situation on the border. According to the report, if Pakistan attacks India, India will give a befitting reply.

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New Delhi: India’s neighbor is in the middle of an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine China and Pakistan Strained relations with America Intelligence report Due to which the possibility of increasing tension in the area has been expressed in the future. According to this report, he thinks so India-Pakistan And tensions between India and China are likely to rise and a clash between them is likely.

Intelligence has expressed fears that India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will respond with more military force than ever before if provoked by Pakistan. The report is part of US intelligence’s annual threat assessment, which is presented to the US Congress by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Disputes with neighboring countries may increase

Amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, India’s potential conflict with Pakistan and China may have implications that require immediate US attention, this US report said. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine remains a major issue of the current era, with reports claiming that China’s propensity to change global norms and potentially threaten its neighbors has increased.

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A report on India-China relations amid a border dispute has warned of the growing risk of armed conflict between the nuclear powers, which it claimed could “pose a direct threat to the American people and interests and call for US intervention”. It further stated, “The build-up of troops by both India and China along the disputed border raises the possibility of an armed conflict between the two nuclear powers, which could pose a direct threat to the American people and interests. American intervention may be sought in this case. It is clear from past conflicts that frequent low-level conflicts along the Line of Control (LAC) can escalate rapidly. However, both countries are continuing to try to restore peace.

Military action can be taken against Pakistan

Intelligence reports expressed particular concern about a potential conflict between India and Pakistan, as it was “between two nuclear-armed states”. A particular concern is the ever-escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, the report said. However, both countries could strengthen their ties after both sides agree to maintain a ceasefire again along the Line of Control in early 2021.

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On the other hand, Pakistan has been supporting terrorist organizations for a long time and has a long history in this regard. The report acknowledged the high probability of a befitting response by the Indian Armed Forces under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in case of any provocation by Pakistan. The report also said that there is a high possibility of such action in case of unrest in Kashmir or terrorist attacks in India.

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