March 27, 2023

I stand by my words… In the meeting of the Ministry of External Affairs, Rahul Gandhi said that there was a clash with the BJP members. Rahul Gandhi and BJP members argued in the meeting of the Ministry of External Affairs

Rahul Gandhi said that I questioned the state of democracy but did not demand any other country’s intervention.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Image credit source: PTI

New Delhi. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Congress leaders in advisory committee meeting Rahul Gandhi And BJP Tu-tu Ami-Ai was seen among the members. At that time, Rahul said, I raised questions about the state of democracy in the country but never demanded the intervention of any foreign country. In the advisory committee meeting of the Ministry of External Affairs on Saturday, BJP members accused Rahul Gandhi of insulting the country on foreign soil.

This time a member said that we are hosting the G20 and some people go out and question democracy. There was an uproar over this. There has been an uproar in the parliament for a week.

Rahul Gandhi asked, Adani is a country?

Rahul Gandhi replied that the Hindenburg Report was about an individual, not a country or a government. Is Adani a country that cannot be investigated? Talking about the investigation is against the country?

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Rahul Gandhi also rejected allegations that he asked any foreign power or country to intervene to save the country’s democracy. I certainly raised the issue of democracy and talked about it but also said that it is our internal matter and we will find a solution. Tharoor said that the G20 was supposed to be chaired in 2023, but the current government has done nothing. Shatrughan Sinha also said the same thing.

S. Jaishankar said – Disagreement on threats to democracy

Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar told Rahul Gandhi that I do not agree with your statement that there is a threat to democracy, Rahul said that you do not agree but I am with the threat to democracy.

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