March 28, 2023

I plead with folded hands… This was Rijiju’s response when Savarkar was mentioned in a Congress tweet. Why did Kiren Rijiju give this response to Rahul’s picture?

BJP Rahul: Congress attacks Savarkar by putting Rahul Gandhi’s photo on his Twitter handle, Law Minister reacts.

The Law Minister expressed his anger at Congress’s tweet

Image Credit Source: @INCIndia Twitter

BJP Rahul: Delhi Police went to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s house today i.e. March 19 to seek answers to his comments on sexual harassment of women. After meeting the police, Rahul drove out of the house. The Congress tweeted a picture of the car driving on its Twitter handle and wrote, “Savakar muhama kya, naam- Rahul Gandhi hai.”

Reacting to the Congress’s tweet, BJP’s Law Minister and BJP leader Kiren Rijiju said, “Please don’t insult the virtuous Vir Savarkar.” Please fold your hands. Let us tell you that today i.e. Sunday, a team of Delhi Police reached Rahul Gandhi’s house to meet him, the police wanted to know Rahul’s response on the comments he made about women during the Bharat Joro Yatra.

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Rahul has sent a reply on 4 pages

According to the police, Rahul said during his India tour in Jammu that it was heard that women were still being sexually harassed. According to media reports, after the meeting with the police, Rahul sent them a 4-page reply. During a casual conversation with the police, Rahul said that he would give his reply in the next 8-10 days.

Rahul asked for some more time

Let us inform you that former Congress president Rahul Gandhi took a long walk of 4000 km. For this he walked for 140 days. Many opposition leaders also participated in Rahul’s visit. According to sources, Rahul has also written in his 4-page reply that he needs some more time to reply. In response to Rahul Gandhi’s written reply, Delhi Police has said that there is no information about the reply that Rahul has given.

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