March 27, 2023

I don’t want to get involved with the Law Minister… CJI made this statement on collegium system dispute. “Don’t want to get involved in any dispute with the Law Minister”, said the CJI

DY Chandrachud: On the question of government pressure on judiciary, CGI said, there is no pressure. On the other hand, the CEO said that Law Minister Kiren Rijiju has been very vocal about the collegium system.

CJI DY Chandrachud (file photo)

Image credit source: PTI

New Delhi: of India Chief Justice DY Chandrachud made his stand on many issues in a program at the India Today Conclave, 2023 today i.e. Saturday. He said, I have been working as a judge for 23 years. In such a long period he was not under pressure to make any decision. He also said that he did not tell me how the judgment of the case would be. He said, “We never ask our fellow judges what decision he is taking in hearing a case.”

They drink coffee and eat food. We have drawn a clear line for ourselves. And this is an important part of our training. On the question of the government’s pressure on the judiciary, CGI said, there is no pressure. He mentioned the appointment of Election Commissioner to prove this case. CGI said the issue of pressure is completely wrong. He said, he saw the decision of the Election Commission, if there was pressure, this decision would have come?

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Judiciary is not part of political party

He further said, we are living in a time where we are losing our trust in government institutions. The CEO said that Law Minister Kiren Rijiju was very vocal about the collegium system. The law minister said there are some judges who are trying to turn the judiciary against the government like the opposition. He said that judiciary is not part of any group or political party.

The judge sat in court for 200 days

On the question of judges’ activities and holidays, CGI said, Supreme Court judges sit in court for 200 days a year in our country. He spent the rest of the days reading our laws and thinking about cases.

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