March 20, 2023

Hyderabad News: Bike seized by traffic police, worker goes home and consumes poison. Hyderabad News: Bike seized by traffic police, worker went home and consumed poison

Worker consumed poison: Worker used to drive bike after drinking alcohol. The traffic police gave him challans several times. This time his bike was confiscated and he went home and drank poison.

Bike confiscation, suicide

Hyderabad News: In Syedabad, Hyderabad Traffic police A man committed suicide because of this. It is known that a man named Illaya living in Sanjeev Reddy Nagar of Syedabad used to work as a laborer. He bought a bike on loan, but often rode drunk. He was caught many times for drunk and driving and filled the challan every time. In 2019 and 2022 he filled the challan under drunk and drive.

This time Mir Chowk traffic police again caught drunk and driving. An argument started between the two when Mir Chowk rebuked Traffic Police Sub-Inspector Ganesh Elaiah. After that, the police confiscated Illaya’s bike. Because of the seizure of the bike, the laborer Illaya went home and committed suicide by drinking poison.

‘Committing suicide after harassment by sub-inspector’

Syedabad police reached the spot and registered a case of suicide and are investigating. The police had earlier said the suicide was due to a family dispute, but Illaya’s suicide note revealed all the secrets. In the suicide note, he wrote, “I am committing suicide due to the harassment of Sub-Inspector Ganesh of Mir Chowk Traffic Police.

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The relatives of the deceased are demanding action against Ganesh

Relatives are demanding action against Sub-Inspector Ganesh of Mir Chowk Traffic Police. The police sent the body to his village after the post-mortem.

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