March 20, 2023

‘Have you asked any BJP leader such a question?’, Rahul replied to Delhi Police in 4 pages and 10 points. Rahul Gandhi responded to the Delhi Police in 4 written pages

Rahul Gandhi filed a 4-page written reply to the Delhi Police notice, demanding detailed information from Lamay. At the same time, he raised questions about the steps taken by the Delhi Police.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Image credit source: PTI

New Delhi. Politics heated up again with Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Srinagar during the Congress’s Bharat Jodh Yatra. The Delhi Police had issued a notice against Rahul Gandhi on March 16 seeking information about the victimized women. The police reached Rahul Gandhi’s residence on Sunday after not getting any response to the notice. Now Rahul Gandhi has submitted an FIR to the Delhi Police. According to sources, Rahul Gandhi in his reply said that he will reply to the police in 8-10 days.

According to sources, Rahul Gandhi submitted a 4-page written reply to the police. In it he said that the police sent him a notice on March 16, after which Rahul replied that he would reply in 7-8 days. But within two days, the police reached his house again.

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