March 27, 2023

Furious Jairam Ramesh called Law Minister Rijiju a ‘criminal’ for calling retired judges anti-India. Rijiju took part in anti-India gang comments, Jairam Ramesh taunted

Jairam Ramesh targeted the Law Minister over Kiren Rijiju’s statement on anti-India gangs. He said, a law minister is doing illegal work.

New Delhi: Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju In a program on Saturday, some former retired judges were described as part of anti-India gangs. In view of his statement, senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh strongly attacked him. He called Rijiju a law minister who propagates injustice.

The Congress leader said that a law minister is doing illegal work. If this is not a threat to free speech then what is? During the ‘India Today Conclave’, Kiren Rijiju said that there are some retired judges who are part of the anti-India faction. Like the opposition parties, they are also trying to turn the judiciary against the government.

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Three to four judges are part of the anti-India faction

He said, those who commit such acts will not be spared and those who are anti-national will suffer. He said, ‘There are three-four judges among the retired judges, who are part of anti-India gangs. They want the judiciary to play the role of the opposition.

These people want the Judiciary to play the role of opposition party

Rijiju also said that some of them went to court and asked to rein in the government. They talk about changing the government’s policy. They want the Judiciary to play the role of opposition party, which cannot happen. Rijiju said the judge was not part of any group or affiliated with any political party.

Rijiju said how can these people openly say that the Indian judiciary must face the government. What kind of propaganda is this? He said that judiciary is impartial and action will be taken according to law against those who commit such acts. No one can escape.

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