February 5, 2023

Elections for the post of Congress president are being held for the sixth time, know when, when was the first election?

This year’s Congress president election will certainly be historic, as the new president will replace Sonia Gandhi, who has been the party president for a long time.

So far 17 people have led the team.

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The real fight for the post of Congress President begins today. Voting will start from 10 am today. Candidates for the post from the party camp are Mallikarjun Kharg and Shashi Tharoor. The election of the Congress president will be by secret ballot, that is, it will not be known who voted for whom and how many votes a candidate got from which state. The party is going to be elected for the sixth time in its 137-year history.

In most cases, one candidate won unopposed. Five times this happened, when the party needed to make an election. Now after 24 years someone from outside the Gandhi family will be the president of Congress. Before today, elections for the post of Congress president were held in 1939, 1950, 1977, 1997 and 2000. This year’s election will certainly be historic, as the new president will replace Sonia Gandhi, who was the party’s longest-serving president.

First election in 1939

The first election to the Congress was held in 1939. Then Mahatma Gandhi’s candidate in the presidential election P. There was a rivalry between Sitaramaiah and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Although Seethamayya lost to Netaji in this election. After the victory, Bose’s relationship with Gandhi and his supporters began to sour. Then he had to resign.

Second election in 1950

Then in 1950, the presidential election was held for the second time. This was the first time after independence that the Congress had elected the President. At that time there was a fight between Purushottam Das Tandon and Acharya Kripalani. Surprisingly, Tandon, considered close to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, won the election against Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s preferred candidate.

Third election in 1977

In 1977, the election for the post of Congress President was held for the third time. This election was due to the resignation of Devkant Barua, so that K. Brahmananda Reddy defeated Siddharth Shankar Roy and Karan Singh. Brahmananda Reddy was the Congress President from 1977 to 1978.

Fourth election in 1997

Then after 20 years i.e. in 1997, the next election was held for the post of party president. This was followed by a three-way rivalry between Sitaram Keshari, Sharad Pawar and Rajesh Pilot. All the state units of the Congress except Maharashtra and parts of Uttar Pradesh supported Keshari. He won by a huge margin.

The fifth election was held in 2000

After that, the next election for the post of President was held in 2000 and this time Jitendra Prasad was ahead of Sonia Gandhi. Prasad suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Sonia Gandhi. After independence, Seetharamaiah took over as AICC chief in 1948 and has so far led 17 parties, including five members of the Gandhi family.


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