March 27, 2023

Did you sleep for 45 days? Congress surrounded the government when the Delhi police reached Rahul Gandhi’s house. Congress responds to Delhi Police notice on Rahul Gandhi’s Srinagar speech

Ashok Gehlot also did not stay silent on this matter. It is being said that if any leader comes to Rajasthan and gives a speech, Rajasthan Police will also take similar measures. This wrong practice is being created.

The issue of Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Cambridge University is yet to be resolved as a new phase has begun. actually, India Jora Yatra During this time Rahul shared many stories. He shared an incident with common people. Due to this, Delhi Police sent a notice on March 16. As there was no response to the notice, the police reached their house themselves. Rahul Gandhi met him after waiting for two hours. Congress attacked the government this time.

Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi has accused the government of political vendetta. He said how Delhi Police remembered a statement after 45 days. In fact, on January 30, the India Jora Yatra ended in Srinagar. Rahul Gandhi hoisted the flag at Lal Chowk.

Rahul Gandhi made a statement in Srinagar

Then he addressed the people. Rahul then said that many women came up to him and started crying during the journey. When he asked why she was crying? Then she said she was and still is being physically assaulted. But apart from the fear of society there are other reasons why she is not telling anyone about it. Rahul also said the same in another public meeting.

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Delhi Police Notification

Now the Delhi Police wants to know the details of this statement from him. Delhi Police also asked the same question in its notice. It said, give information about those women so that we can take action against the criminals and save them from crime. Singhvi said that politics of harassment, revenge and intimidation is going on. They say that Rahul has met lakhs of people in 4000 km. Now how to give information about few women at once.

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