March 20, 2023

Despite leaving the children in the forest, the tiger could not be found, now the search will begin with drones. Forest department officials could not find the mother of the four cubs, they are now with the help of CCTV

National Tiger Conservation Authority: The Forest Department has not yet succeeded in this regard. So now we will search for tigers through drones.

Andhra Pradesh inside Forest Department Officials are trying their best to reunite the 4 tiger cubs with their mother, but so far have not been successful in this regard. According to information, the cubs were released in the forest late at night with the help of special vehicles, but their mother did not reach to pick them up, later the cubs were brought back. Tell me, the villagers of Pedda Gummadpuram in Nandyal district found 4 tiger cubs near the Nallamalla forest in the border area of ​​the village, which they kept in a house. On receiving the information, the forest department officials put them in the Bairluti guest house located in the Nallamalla forest.

A team of specialized veterinary doctors at Tirupati Zoo is taking care of all the four cubs and conducting all kinds of tests. On the other hand, the forest department officials are also looking for the cub’s mother so that the cub reaches the tiger. The forest department has not yet succeeded in this regard. So they have now started searching for tigers in the forest with the help of drones. According to forest department officials, the cubs are around 30-40 days old. This tiger, numbered T108 E, may be about 8 years old.

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Despite calling the cubs, their mother did not come

Forest department officials have seen tiger footprints in the forest, sometimes roaring is also heard. Seeing that, the cubs were released to Nagarjuna Sagar Tiger Reserve Forest in a special vehicle last night, although the cubs made a lot of noise, their mother did not come to pick them up, later the cubs were brought back.

Once the forest department officials will try to mix

Right now the cubs are under CCTV surveillance, with no one allowed inside except to feed them. Forest officials will again try to match the cubs with the tiger, after more days pass to identify the tiger. cub Can’t, if the cub smells of humans, the tiger will have trouble not adopting them.

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