November 30, 2022

Delhi Jama Masjid: What was behind the ban on entry of women in the Jama Masjid? Girls can go to Mecca alone for Hajj, why not Jame Masjid?

Zabiullah Khan, spokesman of the mosque, said there is no ban on women’s entry. When girls come alone they do inappropriate things, shoot videos. Restrictions are imposed to prevent this. There are no restrictions on families and married couples.

Jame Masjid prohibiting women from entering why?

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Delhi There are three entrances to the Jama Masjid. Jame Masjid The administration banned the entry of unmarried girls or girls by placing notices on the three doors of the mosque. In this notice, it is written, entry of single girls or girls is prohibited in Jami Masjid. No reason was given for the ban. There is no date on the notice, but it is believed that these notices were put up recently. When the matter came to light, the mosque’s spokesperson Zabiullah Khan said, there is no ban on women’s entry. When girls come alone they do inappropriate things, shoot videos. Restrictions are imposed to prevent this. There are no restrictions on families and married couples. Religious places should not be inappropriate meeting places. Hence the ban. The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi also expressed his displeasure with the decision of the mosque administration and requested that the decision be withdrawn.

Notice of Women’s Commission to Imam

When the news of the ban on women entering the Jama Masjid spread, politics started over it. Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari of Jama Masjid was targeted due to the ban. Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chairperson Swati Maliwal swung into action. Calling it a violation of women’s rights, he said that the Imam of Jame Masjid has no right to impose such restrictions. Banning women from entering Jama Masjid is completely wrong, he tweeted. Women have the right to worship like men. I am giving notice to the Imam of Jame Masjid. No one has the right to ban entry of women like this.

Hindu organizations also protested

Hindu organizations also jumped into the arena against this decision of the Jama Masjid administration. Vishwa Hindu Parishad spokesperson Vinod Bansal criticized it and tweeted that these Muslim fundamentalists who have the mindset of turning India into Syria are not even learning from the Iran incident, this is India. The government here is emphasizing on girl child education. His statement received widespread support on Twitter. This decision of the Jama Masjid administration is being termed as a Taliban idea by the Hindu organizations. There has been an uproar on social media. The administration of Jama Masjid is under severe criticism. Hindu organizations are also questioning the silence of Asaduddin Waisi, who considers himself the national leader of Muslims, on this issue.

Imam Bukhari had to explain

After the uproar started over this decision of the Jame Masjid administration, the Imam of this mosque, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, had to come forward to explain. He clarified that this is not an order for women to pray. According to Syed Ahmed Bukhari, this decision was taken after some incidents came to light in the mosque premises. He told a news agency, Jama Masjid is a place of worship and people are welcome for it, but girls are coming alone and waiting for their friends… This place is not for this purpose. There is a ban on this. Bukhari said, be it mosque, temple or gurdwara, any such place is a place of worship. There is no obstacle to come to work. Today itself 20-25 girls came and admitted.

What do Muslim women say?

Opinions of Muslim women are also divided over the Jama Masjid administration’s decision to ban unmarried girls from entering the mosque. Some women consider it justified, while others consider such restrictions completely unnecessary. Senior journalist and social activist Shiba Aslam Fahmi said, “My house is very close to Jame Masjid.” There were many complaints from people around the mosque that girls were often seen doing inappropriate things with boys in the mosque premises.

Many times girls in scantily clad clothes have been seen making videos in the mosque premises. There is also talk of stopping them. There was an argument with them, but the mosque administration should not have directly banned girls from entering. Necessary steps should have been taken to stop such activities. On the other hand, social activist Shabnam Jahan said that such a ban is completely unfair. While women are allowed to visit Makkah and Madinah alone during Hajj and Umrah, there is no reason to prevent them from going to Jama Masjid alone.

What do reformist Muslims say?

This decision of the Jama Masjid administration is not acceptable to Muslims campaigning for reforms in Muslim society. Indian Muslim for Progress and Reforms (IMPER), President of Indian Muslim for Progress and Reforms (IMPER), Dr. MJ Khan, said that while restrictions on Muslim women are being relaxed in Muslim countries around the world, the situation in India, such restrictions are completely justified in the country. can’t be The Jama Masjid administration should have banned girls from entering. If the girls did something wrong in the mosque premises, appropriate action could have been taken to prevent them.

Videography could have been banned for this. Dr. MJ Khan said, it is not right to give communal color to such decision. Hindu organizations should refrain from commenting on this matter. Many times it has been seen that Muslim organizations make hasty decisions and later realize their mistake. After the uproar, the Jama Masjid administration is also realizing the mistake of their decision. Because of this, the imam of the mosque, Syed Ahmad Bukhari, also had to give an explanation. But beating the snake with a stick is of no use after it has left.

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It is true that whether it is a mosque, a temple or a gurdwara, some boys and girls make it a meeting place. Sometimes they also do inappropriate things. Such misdeeds are best ignored. If things are growing beyond the limit, proper measures should be taken to stop it. Banning girls from mosques is not a solution to the problem. If that is the solution, then only boys should be banned. Not only girls are responsible for this. Islam is a religion of equality. When will the Muslim religious leaders and organizations who claim to be the head of their religion realize that such decisions lead to gender discrimination.

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