March 20, 2023

Congress has no hope from Muslim candidates? Karnataka election tickets will be cut. Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023: Congress to field fewer Muslim candidates

Karnataka Assembly Elections: Congress has finalized the names of around 100 candidates for the Karnataka Assembly elections. It is heard that the Congress is not in the mood to give tickets to more Muslim candidates this time.

Karnataka Congress chief DK Sivakumar

Image Credit Source: @DKShivakumar (Twitter)

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023: The southern state of Karnataka is eager to return Congress Developed a new strategy for ticket distribution. According to media reports, Congress has decided not to give tickets to more Muslims in this election. Senior Congress officials said that only 13 to 15 Muslim candidates may be given tickets this time. In the last election, Congress fielded 17 candidates from minority communities.

It is said that the Congress will give tickets to candidates from minority communities in the state only in the assembly seats where they are more likely to win. 10 out of 17 minority candidates of Congress faced defeat in 2018 assembly elections.

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Muslim leaders met Surjewala

The party is considering the option of fielding non-minority candidates from Shigaon, Hubli-Dharwad West, Ramanagara, Vijayapura City and Mangaluru North and South constituencies. Despite having a large number of Muslim and Christian voters in these constituencies in the last decade and a half, the Congress did not get any results. Earlier, a delegation of Muslim leaders met state in-charge and general secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala and demanded to give tickets to members of their community in proportion to the population.

Shigaon has a Muslim population of 30 percent

Shigaon has a Muslim population of 30 percent. Congress has been contesting Azampir Khadri since 2004, but he has failed to win. In Hubli-Dharwad West, the Congress is trying to field a non-Muslim candidate against BJP MLA Arvind Belad. In the previous election, the party nominated Jabbar Khan Hananli and Ismail Tamtagar from this seat, but both of them faced defeat. At the same time, the Congress is considering fielding Deepak Chinchor, the former mayor of Hubli-Dharwad West.

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